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Cinema in the Age of

Big Data &  Machine Intelligence


December 30, 2017

The cinema cannot be an independent island in the modern world. The Machine Learning and Deep Learning are expanding themselves everywhere. Without an advanced technology, the cinema will die. for being a dynamic entity, it needs to integrate the fields of machine learning and deeply learning to itself.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance, those who want to advance themselves in the cinema, they need to learn the essentials of machine learning algorithms.

Margaret Rouse
, who writes for and manages WhatIs.com, TechTarget’s IT encyclopedia and learning center, explains about the machine learning. She writes, "Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows software applications to become more accurate in predicting outcomes without being explicitly programmed. The basic premise of machine learning is to build algorithms that can receive input data and use statistical analysis to predict an output value within an acceptable range.

machine learning

The author, Mrs. Rouse states, "Machine learning algorithms are often categorized as being supervised or unsupervised. Supervised algorithms require humans to provide both input and desired output, in addition to furnishing feedback about the accuracy of predictions during training."

K. Lee, J. Park, I. Kim, Youngseok Choi, in their article titled "Predicting movie success with machine learning techniques: ways to improve accuracy" write, "we use an ensemble approach, which has rarely been adopted in the research on predicting box-office performance. As a result, the proposed model, Cinema Ensemble Model (CEM), outperforms the prediction models from the past studies that use machine learning algorithms. We suggest that CEM can be extensively used for industrial experts as a powerful tool for improving decision-making process."

Predicting movie success
with machine learning techniques:
ways to improve accuracy

Another article talks about artificial intelligence in the cinema and then asks what is worth watching? The author of the article is Joanna Wójciak – Marketing Manager at Apollogic writes about Ex Machine with the following words: "The film uses minimalist stage design, with sparse dialogue and no unnecessary technological drama.

The writer Mr. Wójciak adds, "It touches upon issues of artificial intelligence and related dangers. The film presents the relationship between a human and a machine, and the Turing test in the background which is to verify whether or not the project aiming at creating artificial intelligence was a success."

This expert at Apollogic continues, "The film doses emotions perfectly, keeps quick pace, showing the audience exactly as much as needed for suspense and anxiety. “Ex Machina” is simply a great thriller which will leave you with a number of unanswered questions."

Artificial intelligence
in the cinema.
What is worth watching?





Вафа Фатуллаева


Courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Нусрат кызы Фатуллаева (азерб. Vəfa Nüsrət qızı Fətullayeva) — азербайджанская советская актриса театра, Заслуженный артист Азербайджанской ССР (1982), лауреат Государственной премии Азербайджанской ССР (1984).

Фатуллаева, Вафа Нусрат кызы

Вафа Нусрат кызы Фатуллаева родилась 25 августа 1945 года в Баку в семье художника Нусрата Фатуллаева и актрисы Окумы Курбановой.

Anmary Sari Gelin clip

В 1971 году окончила Азербайджанский государственный институт искусств имени М. А. Алиева. С 1970 года играла на сцене Азербайджанского государственного драматического театра имени М. Азизбекова.

В 1982 году Вафа Фатуллаева была удостоена звания Заслуженного артиста Азербайджанской ССР, а в 1984 году стала лауреатом Государственной премии Азербайджанской ССР.

Source: Фәтуллајев Вәфа Нүсрәт гызы / Под ред. Дж. Кулиева. —Азербайджанская советская энциклопедия: Главная редакция Азербайджанской советской энциклопедии, 1986. — Т. IX. — С. 540.

Vefa Fetullayeva (film)

Shukufa Yusupova about Vafa Fatullayeva

Bir göz qırpımlıq ömür.
Vəfa Fətullayeva (film, 2016)

Arshin Mal Alan Toy


Vəfa Fətullayevanın 70 illik yubileyi qeyd olunacaq

Памяти актрисы Вафы Фатуллаевой…

Азербайджанской актриса театра, Заслуженная артистке АР,
ауреат Государственной премии
Азербайджана Вафа Фатуллаева
Allah rehmet elesin!

Vefa Fetullayeva (302-ci palata)

Ali & Nino film 2016


Lütfəli Abdullayev və
Nəsibə Zeynalova -

Эпизод из фильма
"Свекровь" (Qayınana).
1978 год

Elmira Rehimova "Telebelik illeri" (1970-ci il)

Elmira Rəhimova -

Səməd Vurğunun dəfni (1956)

Gulaga Memmedov - Getme Getme

Gülağa Məmmədov- Bakı gecələri

Semed Vurgunun Canli Videosu.mp4

Lütfəli Abdullayev

Milyonçunun dilənçi oğlu

Lütfəli Abdullayev və Nəsibə Zeynalova

Nesibe Zeynalova komediya

Nəsibə Zeynalova haqqında

Nesibe Zeynalova

Elmira Eliyeva <ㄐ>"Shur tesnifi"

Elmira Eliyeva <ㄐ>"Segah tesnifi"

Sona bülbüllər. <ㄐ>oxuyur Elmira Əliyeva

Elmira Eliyeva agir veziyyetdedir

Oxuyur Elmira Əliyeva

Elmira Eliyeva "Gel bize yar"


My Beloved Siuster

August 1, 2017

My Beloved Sister (Hangul: 누나; RR: Nuna; lit. "Older Sister") is a 2006 South Korean television series starring Song Yoon-ah and Kim Sung-soo. It aired on MBC from August 12, 2006 to February 18, 2007 on Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55 for 55 episodes.

Source:My Beloved Sister

Directed by Oh Kyeong-hoon (오경훈) Screenplay by Kim Jeong-soo (김정수) •Drama
MBC | Airing dates : 2006/08/12~2007/02/18

She faces poverty, something that is more scary and unfamiliar to her than sadness. But she proudly recovers her original place by believing in herself. Many people regard accumulation of riches as the ultimate value of life.

However, we have now reached a point where we need to look back and reconsider our life goals.

 This drama series revolves around a twenty-something woman who is suddenly thrown into the cold world together with her immature brothers, after losing her father to a sudden accident. Within a very short period, she experiences the two extreme facets of life.

My Beloved Sister (Drama - 2006)

My Beloved Sister, 11회, EP11, #08



August 1, 2017

Life-Size is a 2000 American fantasy-comedy television film directed by Mark Rosman and starring Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks. It originally premiered on ABC, and was released on DVD and VHS in the same year. The film follows a young girl whose Eve Doll (somewhat like Barbie) is transformed into a perfect living woman.

Life-Size is a 2000
American fantasy-comedy television film

Life-Size - full movie

Lindsay Lohan Might Return
to Life-Size 2 as Casey.

“Life-Size 2” takes place 17 years after the original film and is set to air on Freeform December 2018. Tyra will obviously reprise her role as Eve in addition to being an executive producer.

“Life-Size 2” takes place 17 years
after the original film

Life-Size 2"


Tyra Banks

Kristin Harris

BuzzFeed Staff

  April 19, 2017


"Life-Size 2" Starring Tyra Banks Is Officially Happening, And It's A Christmas Movie. A movie about a young girl who brought her doll Eve to life — a very wise doll who was basically all of us while both eating and working.

And while Tyra Banks confirmed in 2015 that she was, indeed, reprising her role as Eve in the sequel, we didn't know much about the new film — until now.

Tyra Banks will reprise her iconic role as a doll that comes to life in the sequel to the beloved Disney movie “Life-Size”; but in the sequel, everyone’s favorite doll Eve has grown up.

"Life-Size 2" Starring Tyra Banks
Is Officially Happening,
And It's A Christmas Movie

Relaxing Music Mix

The Legendary Iranian Actor-Athlete

Mohammad Ali Fardin

 Whose Memory

Is Always Alive

محمدعلی فردین

August 1, 2017

Fardin was a popular lead actor in Iranian cinema, and was known by the title, King of Hearts, after his lead role in an Iranian film of the same title (Soltane Ghalbha). In his twenties he was a freestyle wrestler, who won a silver medal at the 1954 world wrestling championships and placed fourth in 1957. [1][2]

ترانه های فیلم
سلطان قلبها
.عارف - عهدیه.
AREF & AHDIYEH.soltane ghalbha

FARDIN, Moḥammad-ʿAli (b. Tehran, 6 April 1930; d. Tehran, 7 April 2000). Fardin’s 23-year film career blossomed late, after a short stint in the theater, and it suffered an early demise in 1981 when the Islamic Republic of Iran banned him from filmmaking in a wholesale purge of the major entertainers of the pre-revolution era.[3]

He was allowed to keep the movie theater he owned and, subsequently, he opened a carpet gallery.[3]

Fardin was a former wrestling champion, winning the silver medal at the 1952 world freestyle wrestling championships in Tokyo.[4]

Mohamad Ali Fardinمحمد علي فردين

Known by millions around the world as the "King of Hearts."[4]

Best film & best actor prizes for his legendary film "Soltaneh Ghalbha" at First Iranian National Film Festival in 1969.[4]

After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, he was able to act in only one film, The Damned, before being banished from the movies.[4]

The most popular actor in Iranian cinema, his films became illegal after the revolution but they continue to circulate on video.[4]

At his funeral, a crowd of over 20,000 mourners gathered to pay respects in central Tehran.[4]

As customary for old Iranian movies, both his speaking, as well as, singing voice was dubbed.[4]

His singing voice was famously dubbed by Iraj, who had the most powerful singing voice in recent Persian music-history.[4]

In his Bollywood debut Subah O Shyam his voice was dubbed by Satyen Kappu.[4]

Acted in the Bollywood movie Subah O Sham (1972).[4]

فردین با صدای ایرج از هند آمده

فردین با وحیده در فیلم ایرانی به نام همای سعادت
Fardin with Vahide
Iranian film Homa happiness HD

فردین در فیلم هندی به نام همای سعادت

Fardin's ( Biography
in his own words )-
زندگی فردین از زبان خودش

ایرج و شهین دخت شبیری -
فردین وسهیلا در فیلم خوشگل خوشگلا

محمد علی فردین
. گرجی .علی حاتمی.
در مراسم مادر سینما مرحوم رقیه چهره آزاد

سخنی از محمد علی فردین

فردین در مراسم ختم علی تابش

آخرین آرزوی فردین در گفت و گو با اوستا

نشست در مورد مشکلات سینما
سال 57 همراه زنده یاد فردین

سخنانی ازرضا بیک ایمانوردی
قبل از فوت ش و بهروز وثوقی

Xoshtrin gorani FARDIN

Soltane Ghalbha
Songs Iranسلطان قلبها
persian / Afghan


Fardin 1

مجموعه کامل ترانه های فردین -

فیلم ایرانی قدیمی
سلطان قلبها فردین اذر شیوا ( ۱۳۴۷ ) HD 1

سلطان قلب ها فردین
( با صدای عارف )
Soltane ghalbha fardin (ba sedaye aref)

عارف، سلطان قلبها، دیشب خواب تو را دیدم

The Legendary

Iranian Actor

 Reza Bayk-Imanverdi

رضا بیک ایمانوردی

August 1, 2017

Born: June 15, 1936 in Teheran, Iran Died: September 13, 2003 (age 67) in Laveen, Arizona, USA [5]

Reza Beyk Imanverdi was born on June 15, 1936 in Teheran, Iran as Reza Beik-Imanverdi. He was an actor and producer, known for La legge della Camorra (1973), The Electric Chair (1969) and Mardan-e sahar (1971). He died on September 13, 2003 in Laveen, Arizona, USA. [5]

Imanverdi also starred
in the 1960s
Franco-Italian genre action movies


Reza Beyk Imanverdi was introduced to people by an Iranian director Samuel Khchekian (an Armenian). Beyk Imanverdi was working as a driver for the U.S. embassy in Tehran on that time.

After an event, say, an accident in Tehran, he and the director Khachekian learned each other and Imanverdi was invited to play some roles in his movies.

رضا بیک ایمانوردی

Bay Imnavetrdi became one of the high paid actors in Iran. He was very active and many people became addicted to watch his movies. He was known as a "Thousand-Face" actor in the Iran's cinema.

Bayk Imanverdi was an athlete in a kind of wrestling sport. Mr. Esmaili was an artist who often talked for Bayk Imanverdi in movies.

After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Bayk Imanverdi immigrated to Germany and then to the United States.

 The receive a suggestion in a movie in the USA was difficult and mostly was  saturated with many actors.  Therefore, Beyk Imanverdi undertook another job. He became a truck driver. He needed his needs,; his expenses needed to  be paid. Naturally, he  was forced to work hard. Why?  To overcome to all barriers in his way.

Although he decided to quit smoking, nevertheless, his action was too late. HIn 2002 he was diagnosed with lung cancer. After a yearlong battle with the disease, he died on September 13, 2003. [6]

رضا بیک ایمانوردی
مهمان علیرضا میبدی
Reza Beyk Imanverdi - Meybodi

سخنانی ازرضا بیک ایمانوردی قبل از فوت ش و بهروز وثوقی

فیلم کامل همیشه قهرمان 1351
Hamisheh Ghahreman

شارلاتان با شرکت:
بیک ایمانوردی، فرانک میرقهاری، گیل، تقدسی
(۱۳۴۵) -

حیدر با شرکت:
بیک ایمانوردی، بهمن مفید، فروزان، گیل
- J.B2K - Heydar

معجزه با شرکت:
بیک ایمانوردی، ظهوری، فرانک، سپهرنیا، قائم مقامی -
J.B2K - Mojezeh

نبرد با زندگی - ۱۳۵۶ Nabard Ba Zendegy

فیلم صندلی الکتریکی با شرکت
رضا بیک ایمانوردی

پسر خوانده با شرکت:
بیک ایمانوردی، ژاله کریمی، میری
- J.B2K - Pesar Khandeh

کاکا سیاه با شرکت:
بیک ایمانوردی، جمیله، احمد معینی، مهدوی فر
- J.B2K - Kaka Siyah

قصه شب با شرکت:
فردین، بیک ایمانوردی، میری
- J.B2K - Gheseye Shab

جنجال با شرکت:
بیک ایمانوردی، نوری کسرایی، میری
- J.B2K - Janjaal

غریب آشنا _ گوگوش

به یاد نوری کسرایی

بهروز وثوقی ، زنده یاد سوسن ونوری کسرایی

نان و نمک با شرکت
بیک ایمانوردی، شورانگیز طباطبایی3

گذر اکبر.............
.وزنده یاد رضابیک ایمان وردی وطوفان
صدای استاد منوچهراسماعیلی

Googoosh - Dou Panjereh
| گوگوش - دو پنجره


Świąteczny Duch -
Cały Film [LEKTOR PL]

cały film/ Lektor PL

cały film/ lektor PL

Скромная провинциалка 2017
(новый сериал, мелодрама новинка 2017)

Прибыльная работа 2017
(восхитительная новинка,
русская мелодрама 2017)

Немая сцена 2018
(новый сериал,
мелодрама новинка 2018)

Счастливая серая мышь
(Премьера фильм 2017).
Мелодрама @ Русские сериалы

Интим не предлагать (2016).
Мелодрама, новинка. 📽

愛の家 ロマンス映画

女の子の青い空 - ロマンス映画


王朝的女人杨贵妃 BD1280


美人心計 雪鳶&周亞夫

Shirin va Farhad,
by Abbas Kiarostami(2008)

Filmando en Colombia
con Abbas Kiarostami.
Marzo 2014

'The Frozen Rose'
- Short Film
(English Subtitles)

سفر – نسخه فارسی فیلم (فیلم کامل)

Mohammad Ali Fardin

Fardin, Mohammad-Ali (IRI)

Fardin’s 23-year film career blossomed late

Fardin was
a former
wrestling champion,
winning the silver medal
at the 1952 world freestyle
wrestling championships in Tokyo.

Reza Beyk Imanverdi (1936–2003)

Reza Beyk Imanverdi
(رضا بیک ایمانوردی‎‎